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Wireless Network Set Up

Wireless Network Set Up

Learning The Four Basic Steps To Wireless Network Set Up.

When you're needing to set up more than two desk top or laptop computers in your home on the Internet but you are running off of just one phone line with DSL or cable modem, you can have a wireless network set up so that the second computer can be browsing on the Internet in no time.

There are four basic set up steps that you have to go through in order to get this task done. The first step is to choose your wireless carrier and equipment that you are going to use in order to get that second computer up and running.

The second step to wireless network set up is actually connecting the equipment that you have chosen to use. This can be a little bit of a difficult task if you are not computer savvy when it comes to hook-ups but the software and equipment that you purchased should have step-by-step instructions and there should also be a support number for you to call if you totally get stuck.

Once you get it hooked up, then you can label the wires to which ports they go to so that in the future, if you have move the system, the second hook up will be a lot easier.

The third step in the wireless network set up is to configure the equipment that you purchased. This would be using the software that came with your router in order to let it start reading the wireless adapter that is connected to the second computer.

There is a way for you to do this configuration manually but the software that usually comes with the equipment will take you through steps and will take care of the whole process itself. Most of this software is very user friendly and will be easy for you to follow.

The last and final step to your wireless network set up is connecting your computers so that the second computer will get the Internet signal from the first. You must use the network adapter on your second computer if the computer does not have one internally installed which most of the newer computers are now having.

You must set the adapter up above the computer with the antenna facing up into the air so that there is no interference between the wireless connection. Your software will take you through steps in choosing you wireless network that you would like to use and you will finally be connected to the Internet.

Wireless Network Ignition is a software from SingleClick Systems which aims to simplify access to, and the configuration of wireless networks.

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